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Who We Are

FluidLogic is the leader in high-performance Active Hydration systems helping people thrive and live healthier lives through intelligent hydration.

FluidLogic Culture
Founded in 2016, we are the first of our kind and we continue to develop products for active humans who need Active Hydration. From Motorsports to Outdoors, Medical, Military, and Industrial, FluidLogic manufactures products that have been tested in the most demanding environments for humans who require the absolute best.
FluidLogic Culture
FluidLogic Culture

Our Mission

Providing people with the knowledge, tools, and support to reach their optimal hydration and achieve peak cognitive and physical performance effortlessly.

Our Technology

What We Value


Future Forward

We strive to create products and services that bring our customers’ future needs to the present.



When you have the tools to effortlessly achieve peak cognitive and physical performance, anything is possible.



Helping people to perform and feel their best, allows them to do more with their lives.



We are better together. Our knowledge, health and goals are fulfilled when we support each other.

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We are an agile, thriving, and innovative team. Check out our current openings.

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