Where can I find digital versions of your instructions?

You can find PDF versions of all our instruction manuals HERE, or at https://www.fluidlogic.com/instruction-manuals

If I install FluidLogic™ on my helmet, can I still connect to Maglock® Air in another vehicle?

Yes! All Maglock® Air and FluidLogic™ couplers are compatible with each other! If you have FluidLogic™ on your helmet and your friend has Maglock® Air in their car, rest assured that you can connect without issue.

If I don’t use an air system how can I use FluidLogic™?

The FluidLogic™ Flush 360 system delivers hydration via the same power of Maglock® in a small and sleek connector. This is the preferred connection method for all Andretti Indy Cars.

I have limited power draw available in my vehicle. How many amps does the system use?

Fluidlogic™ recommends connecting to a 12v 10amp circuit. With the system powered on and the button not pressed, the power draw is in the milliamp range. With the button pressed, the system will draw approximately 7 amps of power only for the duration of the fluid delivery.

I don’t feel comfortable drilling holes in my helmet or my series doesn’t allow drilling holes or modifying the helmet structure in any way. Is FluidLogic™ right for me?

Absolutely! FluidLogic™ in both the Coaxial or Flush 360 configuration require ZERO modifications to the helmet. Everything is designed to easily mount to the existing parts and plumbs through the pre-existing air channels built into the helmet.

Do I always need to have my phone with the app in order to use the system?

No, your system out of the box is pre-set on the default setting and only requires your device with the FluidLogic™ app to make real time changes to the system. Once your preferred features are set, everything is stored in the POD and your device is not needed until you wish to adjust the system.

Where can I get the FluidLogic™ app?

The Fluidlogic™ app is available for free on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Android support is coming soon!

What kind of warranty & return support do you offer?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we want to know about it. Return your unused product within 90 days of purchase to receive a full refund minus the shipping expenses. Every purchase comes with a 1 year factory backed warranty that completely replaces any parts with manufacturer defects at FluidLogic™'s discretion.

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