September 21, 2022

Bryan Herta Autosport Race Team Utilizes FluidLogic™ Hydration System and Proves Victorious at VIR

FluidLogic™ is pleased to announce that the Bryan Herta Autosport race team members, defending series champions, and current points leaders Taylor Hagler and Michael Lewis scored their first victory of the season in the series penultimate round on Saturday at VIRginia International Raceway. Tyler Maxson and Mason Filippi finished second in the #77 Elantra N TCR.

The Bryan Herta Autosport race team runs the FluidLogic hydration system, the most advanced Active Hydration™ system available. FluidLogic delivers precise doses of fluid through a silicone nozzle that sleeves over the driver’s in-helmet microphone. The technology includes a steering wheel-mounted, LED illuminated button that remains perfectly in sync with the driver’s user generated parameters. When the button blinks, it’s time to drink. It’s that simple.

Bryan Herta Autosport Results from Round 9 at Virginia International Raceway:

  • 1st: #1 Elantra N TCR - Taylor Hagler (started) and Michael Lewis (finished)

  • 2nd: #77 Elantra N TCR - Mason Filippi (started) and Tyler Maxson (finished)

  • 5th: #54 Veloster N TCR - Michael Johnson (Started) and Stephen Simpson (finished)

  • 7th: #2 Elantra N TCR - AJ Muss (started) and Ryan Norman (finished)

  • 8th: #98 Elantra N TCR - Harry Gottsacker (started) and Parker Chase (finished)

  • 11th: #33 Elantra N TCR - Mark Wilkins (started) and Robert Wickens (DNF - Electrical)

Stay Hydrated on the Go

FluidLogic™ is an intuitive, automated, Active Hydration™ system, featuring quick release magnetic connectors and a sleek, ergonomic design. Our system is created for decision-makers and end-users in all motorsports industries who are looking for an edge in performance, and athletes of all disciplines who want to increase their performance.

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